The service provided is second to none. They are professional and efficient, always turn up on time and offer excellent value for money. We would recommend them to any business looking for a window cleaning service.
Mark O'Brien,
General Manager

Capilon Hotels
We are extremely satisfied with the standard of work provided. Prompt, efficient, well organised and attentive to any specific problems. They give good value for money, and we are happy to recommend their service.
Gordon Beech
T. Brewer & Co. Ltd
Having had problems with other firms, it has been a pleasure to work them as they are an extremely reliable and professional company. I would happily recommend their service to other property managers.
Michelle Thomas
Property Manager, Residential Management Group
We have been over the moon with their service. They do a great job every time and don’t cut corners. They have been a pleasure to deal with and I have no reservations in recommending them.
Andy McManus
Premises Manager, Hornsby House School
Window cleaning done quickly, no mess, no hassle, and the view is so much better now!
Judy Wilson
Three J's Property

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We can clean the windows of your nursing home to the highest standard Keep the windows of your member club looking spotless! Achieve the very cleanest windows for your leisure centre

Latest news

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We can clean the windows of your nursing home to the highest standard
As places that are dedicated to the constant, 24 hours a day care of the elderly and other adults with mental and physical disabilities, nursing homes play an extremely responsible community role.
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Keep the windows of your member club looking spotless!
The term ‘member club’ can be used to refer to many different kinds of clubs. In times past, one may have used the term exclusively in reference to the traditional gentleman’s club, although today, there are clubs ranging from golf clubs to other social activities clubs.
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Achieve the very cleanest windows for your leisure centre
With the obesity epidemic continuing to attract national headlines, local authorities across the UK have rarely been more anxious to ensure that as many residents as possible are getting and keeping themselves fit.
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Do you require a London window cleaner for your embassy?
Diplomatic missions have various functions in protecting the interests of the sending organisation or state and its nationals, within the receiving state.
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Trust CleanVista with the cleaning of your hotel's windows
Do you run a hotel in the capital? If so, then it goes without saying that you have enough things to worry about without also fretting about the cleanliness of your windows. Whether you own a single building or a small network of hotels, you can rest assured that CleanVista ( will provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective window cleaning services.
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CleanVista: the choice of property managers for block window cleaning
Property managers have a lot on their plate, with the cleaning and maintenance of their residential blocks being just one important part of their busy and demanding role. At CleanVista (, we have become the window cleaner of choice for property managers all over London, and here’s why.
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The importance of effective window cleaning in hospitals
As leading London window cleaners, CleanVista ( knows that having clean windows is pleasurable for private, residential customers and presents a professional image for commercial clients. However, there is one area where the importance of effective window cleaning really comes into its own: in hospitals.
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Turn to us for a high standard of office window cleaning
If you are the boss of an office-based business and have any experience of working in one, you’ll know what a big difference it makes to have clean windows. This is where our window cleaning services here at CleanVista ( can prove so invaluable.
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CleanVista provides a vital service for educational establishments
When you are responsible for the upkeep of a school, college or university, you will want a cost-effective means of keeping the windows of your institution's buildings clean
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Commercial window cleaning calls for CleanVista’s expertise
Window cleaning services are all the same, right? Wrong, not when it comes to commercial window cleaning services. Commercial or office window cleaning calls for a certain level of expertise; expertise which is proudly offered by us here at CleanVista (
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